"The High-Rank Blueprint"

Taught by Mr-Napkin

A PROVEN step-by-step guide to improve your rank quickly and efficiently.


Reach Your Dream Rank

New Lessons Every 3 Days

Every 3 days you get access to a NEW lesson showing you different techniques, how to use them, and how to practice them.

Daily Training and Reminders

After every lesson, you get 3 days to practice the same techniques to ensure they become muscle memory.

Lifetime Access & 24/7 Support

No more scheduling conflicts with different coaches. You can access each lesson whenever you want for the rest of your life. Plus enjoy 24/7 email support.

Private Discord Group

Have a question about any of the course content? You can get INSTANT help from me or any of the other students and make some new friends!

Here's What You'll Learn:

Each lesson has been specifically designed for Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond players to increase skill as fast as possible.

Chapter 1: Recovery

This chapter includes 7 video lessons that teach you to become a master at recovery. 

Having great recovery is one of the most important aspects of Rocket League and helps minimize your mistakes and increase your game speed. 

Chapter 2: Air Shots (Day 3)

This chapter includes 7 video lessons that teach you how to hit powerful and accurate shots when the ball is in the air.

Stop wondering how pros always hit such powerful shots, learn exactly how to do it yourself in this chapter.

Chapter 3: Powershots (Day 6)

This chapter includes 5 video lessons showing you the secrets to hitting powerful and accurate shots when the ball is on the ground.

Learn the "corner" technique which will transform the way you play.

Chapter 4: Spatial Awareness (Day 9)

Watch the 4 video lessons included in this chapter to learn how to use your camera to be more aware of your surroundings.

Know where your teammates are at all times by practicing the drills in this chapter.

Ranking Up Isn't Easy

Don't waste your time practicing the wrong things.

  • You need to practice the right techniques in order to rank up.

There are very specific techniques that are required to reach the higher ranks, and that's EXACTLY what I teach you in this course.

  • You need to take your time learning each new technique.

It's very hard to learn high rank techniques without taking your time. That's why you get 3 days to practice the techniques in each chapter before you get access to the next one.

  • You need consistent, daily practice.

That means daily training to make sure each new technique you learn turns into muscle memory. That way you actually use it in-game.

Learn From Mr-Napkin

Grand Champion with 4000+ hours

Hey, Mr-Napkin here!

I've been coaching Rocket League for the past 3 years and have spent WAY too much time analyzing replays while making my YouTube videos.

Because of this, I now have a unique understanding of Rocket League ranks and have helped HUNDREDS of players just like you to reach their dream rank :)

My students have achieved AMAZING results from this course and if you're ready to learn, then so will you!

Oh, Wait. There's More.

You Get FREE Stuff!


Master The Half-Flip

This bonus course will go in-depth on the aspects of a half-flip and how to apply them in real games.

You will learn:

  • How to half-flip
  • When to use half-flips
  • Why they are effective
  • How to practice half-flips

This course gives you 4 premium video lessons and a final quiz to ensure you come out a MASTER of half-flips.


Dribbling 101

This bonus lesson will go in depth on how you can improve your dribbling skills without having to learn any super fancy flicks.

And it doesn't matter if you're terrible at dribbling or can't do a simple flick to save your life.

This lesson will show you how to dribble the easy way which believe it or not, is more effective than fancy flicks.

Reviews From Past Students

Watch this interview with ColonelPanic who went from Gold to Diamond after taking the course.


Watch this interview with Dylan who went from Platinum to Champ in just 2 weeks!


Reviews From Our Discord!

If You Are Excited About Ranking Up, NOW Is The Time To Take Action!

Over $200 worth of content!

The High-Rank Blueprint


What You Get:

- 26 Video Lessons

- V.I.P Discord Access

- FREE Bonus Course

- FREE Bonus Lesson

- 24/7 Lifetime Access

Over $200 worth of content!

If You Don't Rank Up, I'll Give You A FULL Refund.

There's NO risk. If it doesn't work, just email me within 14 days for a prompt refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

This course is unlike anything you've tried before! 

This is a structured program that gives you concrete steps to take that are GUARANTEED to improve your skill and help you rank up. You can't find this anywhere else on the internet. 

That's the reason 100% of my students have been able to rank up within 2 weeks. Plus, if it doesn't work for you, just send me an email to get a full refund. 

While the course gives you daily content on a 2-week schedule, it's still available to you 24/7 for the rest of your life. So you can take the training at your own speed and do them whenever you have free time to play Rocket League!

And if you ever find yourself with more free time, you can restart the course to go through it again! 

If tutorials on YouTube actually helped, you probably wouldn't be here reading this. 

While there is great content on YouTube, none of it is structured as a 2-week course that guides you through every step you need to get better, and gives you daily content reminding you to practice certain drills in order to turn techniques into muscle memory. 

Not to mention I've had several students tell me that the techniques I talk about in this course, they haven't seen ANYWHERE on YouTube.

Coaches can be very helpful, but to get the same amount of training in this course, you would have to hire a coach for AT LEAST 6 hours, costing you well over $100. 

Instead, you can get hundreds of dollars worth of coaching for just $59 when you sign up for The High-Rank Blueprint. Also, you don't have to deal with scheduling issues, or times where the coach is just in a bad mood.

You get 24/7 access to all the lessons so you can learn on your own time and at your own pace.

This course primarily focuses on improving your mechanics and helping you be consistent with them. Learning specific "high-rank" mechanics is the fastest way to rank up and improve your gameplay. 

This course teaches you the most important mechanics and gives you custom drills to practice so they turn into muscle memory. 

Ready To Start Ranking Up?

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"It will teach you the most important mechanics for the rank range and help you improve them as fast as possible. Everything was explained very clearly and focused on specific things. The dedicated few days for each lesson is a great idea too!"

Diamond 1 to Champ 1

"The presentation is excellent, videos are well produced, and the techniques are communicated very well! All aspects of my game play improved especially recovery and powershots!"

Platinum 1 to Diamond 2

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You're either really bored, or you're sick of staying at the same rank.

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