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Mr-Napkin, a YouTuber with over 300,000 subscribers known for his coaching content.

Mr-Napkin has been coaching Rocket League for over 5 years and understands exactly what it takes to become a high-rank player.

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RocketChamp teaches you the same mechanics and techniques used by high-rank players. This is the FASTEST way to improving your gameplay.

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Learn the secret mechanics used by high-rank players and how to apply them to your gameplay. 

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Increase your understanding of Rocket League so you can make smarter decisions and less mistakes.


Learn the most efficient way to train new techniques and mechanics so you don't simply waste time in freeplay.



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We only teach you things that actually matter. The good stuff.

Bad Teammates 101

Learn how to deal with bad teammates by using these 3 techniques that improve your overall defense and game IQ. Stop losing games because of teammates.

Ultimate Settings Guide

Using the wrong settings can limit how fast you improve. Set yourself up for success by learning using the correct settings for your camera, controller, game, and keyboard.

Master The Half-Flip

Half-flips are one of the most important mechanics for having good recovery. And good recovery is CRUCIAL to become a high-rank player.

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