13 SECRET Rocket League Tips For New Players

rank up Dec 12, 2020


Alright so you're a new player or you've been playing Rocket League for a long time and you play like a new player which, is fine, I mean somebody's gotta fill up Gold right?

But either way, you need some Rocket League tips to make you play better.

Because you're sick of playing in Gold, Bronze, Silver, or Platinum and always getting teamed up with bad players.

But look, I know you're stressed. You've watched every tip video out there. Your brain is like 90% Rocket League tips and 10% empty space.

Well, guess what I got 13 more tips for you to fill up that remaining 10%.

But hey, at least these tips are SECRET, as in you probably haven't heard of them before.

And these tips all have the same purpose: to make you play better as fast as possible.

I've actually used these same tips on hundreds of low-rank players during my coaching sessions and I've seen Bronze players hit Gold in a few hours after these tips and some proper training.

So if you're serious about getting better. Take these tips, practice them, and I promise you'll see big results.

Alright, let's get started.


Tip #1: Big Turns

New players have a tendency to make small turns at slow speeds.

This leads to that slow, awkward driving under the ball where you feel stuck not really knowing what direction to turn, or what to do, or how to even hit the ball.

But look, there's an easy fix for that.

And that's to practice big turns.

All this means, is forcing yourself to start making bigger, wider turns into the ball, instead of small turns.

If you're a Bronze, Silver, or Gold player, there's a 99.99999% chance you don't use big turns.

But now that you know about them, remind yourself in your next game, or read this article again, and make sure you start making big turns into the ball instead of small ones.


Tip #2: Tape your fingers to your controller

Wait, what?

Tape your fingers to your controller???

Here's what I mean: go into freeplay, press down gas, and press your boost button.

Then, with your other hand, take a roll of tape, and tape your hand to the controller.

That's it, now, you have no choice but to boost around the entire map at full speed.

Now, all you do is tap the ball around the field.

In order to do this, because you're going so fast, you need to make big wide turns in order to actually hit the ball.

This is actually a great way to train the last tip which was making big turns.

You HAVE to make big turns in order to keep tapping the ball.

And it's ok if you miss, just make another big wide turn to come back and hit it again.

If you notice yourself making small turns again, remind yourself to go very wide on your turns before going in to hit the ball.

And once you get good at this drill, you can move on to the next progression which is flipping into the ball instead of just tapping it.

Also no, you don't actually have to tape your hand to your controller, that was only a joke... kinda...

I've taught many low-rank players this drill and I honestly believe it's the number 1 way to get better, but I always run into the same issue.

Even though I tell them to hold their boost the entire time, they always let go and end up going slow again.

So if this happens to you, grab some duct tape and... you just gotta do it.


Tip #3: Learn cuts

No not hair cuts, I'm talking about powerslide cuts, or mini drifts.

You do this by tapping your power slide button during a turn.

It's such a simple move, yet it's practically nonexistent in every rank under Diamond.

But didn't I say small turns were bad?

Yes, yes I did. 

But these are tight turns, NOT small turns.

Small turns lead to slow gameplay, which is bad.

But tight turns can be done at a fast speed, which is good.

This actually goes hand in hand with making big turns.

Sometimes you'll make a big turn that's too big and if the turn is too big, tapping powerslide will tighten that turn and allow you to maintain a high speed.

These first 3 tips can literally make you a Plat player even if you're a bronze so if you do anything after this, practice these first 3 tips and you'll see some immediate progress.


Tip #4: Relax

This tip could be given to every single rank honestly.

If you're a bronze, you need to relax.

If you're a Platinum, you need to relax.

If you're a Champ player, then you especially need to relax.

And this mainly applies when you're on defense.

Panicking about getting scored on, will actually make it easier for you to get scored on.

The moment you begin to relax and watch how chaotic this game can be, that's the moment where you can really start to understand Rocket League and become a better defensive player.

And once you learn this, it's like a switch that goes off in your brain that will make the game much simpler and easier to play.

But it is pretty hard to actually flip that switch, so here's a little drill you can do.

Click play, custom games, private match, then create a private match. Make sure the team size is 3v3 and bot difficulty is set to All-Star.

This will create a private match full of bots so not too far from your actual gameplay...

Once the game starts, stay inside of your net, and wait for a play to come to you.

Your goal here is to save the ball at the last possible second. This really forces you to relax and you'll start to learn a lot about defense just by watching the chaos going on.

And because their bots, you don't have to worry about being a bad teammate or losing an actual game, so just sit in net, wait for plays to come to you, then practice waiting in goal, not panicking, and waiting until the very last possible second to save a goal.

A lot of times you won't even have to save the ball because it gets cleared before you even have to save it and that's totally fine.

Play a full game of doing this a few times a week for best results.


Tip #5: Small movements are bad

Rocket League is not a racing game.

Let me say that again.

Rocket League is not a racing game.

If you come from a racing game, or even if you don't, you're probably using your controller wrong and trying way too hard to be precise with it.

For example, making small joystick movements while steering orthrottling your boost while accelerating.

This is actually making you a worse player.

Forget about trying to make small precise movements, make every input to the max.

Left all the way, right all the way, hold gas all the way down, etc.

This is the right way to play Rocket League. Small movements will forever keep you at the lower ranks.

But how can you make small adjustments?

You can make small adjustments by doing max inputs but only for a second. Which we can call tapping.

So you would tap the left joystick all the way in order to make small left turns.

Instead of making small joystick movements.

This also applies to your gas and brake. Don't try to make small movements and feather your gas like in a racing game.

It's either full gas or no gas.

Full brake or no brake.

And again, you can still make small adjustments by tapping either one, but point is, no small movements, only max inputs.

And just so the champ players don't get mad, this mainly applies to lower ranks, yes this rule doesn't really apply as much once you reach Champ and above...


Tip #6: Fast button presses

I'm really not sure why no one talks about this but your button presses and finger movements need to be very fast.

When you dodge or flip in any direction, you need to double press your jump button as fast as possible.

If you press it slowly, it can lead to slow flips and slow gameplay.

Pressing it fast will lead to fast flips and faster gameplay.

Look down at your hands and practice double-pressing your jump button as fast as possible.

This is one of the most important muscle memories you need to build so take some time and practice this one.

Set a timer for 5 minutes, hold your controller normally, and double click your jump button as fast as possible.

This is actually a pretty good thumb workout too so ya know, drink your protein.


Tip #7: Practice your flips

I'm talking about the fundamentals here, front flips, backflips, side flips in each direction, and diagonal flips in each direction.

All you need to practice this is a controller, you don't even need Rocket League.

Take your controller, and practice the movement for every type of flip including the jump presses.

Now, look at your left thumb to make sure it's moving in the right direction.

So do a front flip and make sure your thumb moves straight up, then do a backflip, and make sure your thumb moves straight down and for a side flip make sure it goes directly left or directly right.

Practice each direction as quickly as you can.


Tip #8: Controller Sensitivity

Ok, this is a big one but it only applies to some players.

If you open settings, then go to controls, you'll see an option for steering and aerial sensitivity.

You should have these all the way down to 1.

Having it any higher than 1 will make your aerials much harder and your overall gameplay will be much harder.

Once you reach Champ or above, then it can help you to increase this sensitivity.

But until then, you can make your life a lot easier by just changing this down to the lowest setting for steering and aerial sensitivity.


Tip #9: Always be moving

This one is self-explanatory, but point is, you really don't ever wanna be standing still and not moving.

This usually puts you in a pretty bad position and makes it hard to attack or defend at a moment's notice.

You're much better off doing figure 8s or circles, that way you keep your momentum, making it easy to attack or defend depending on what happens in the play.

This is pretty common when your teammate is attacking and you're waiting mid-field to see what happens.

Instead of standing still doing, nothing, do some figures 8s instead.


Tip #10: Don't get scored on

Yeah, duh, don't get scored on, but here's what I mean:

You are not playing Rocket League. Rocket League does not exist.

What you're actually playing is a game called, "Don't Get Scored On Simulator".

People just call it Rocket League because it's shorter and easier to say.

If you want to rank up quickly, the number one way to do this is to stop worrying about offense and focus on being a good defensive player so you don't get scored on.

Of course, this doesn't apply to 1v1, but for 2s and 3s, your primary goal should be to not get scored on.

It should NOT be on scoring more goals.

Now, this isn't the most fun type of gameplay, but if you wanna rank up fast, this is pretty much the best way to do it.


Tip #11: Spatial Awareness

What this means is being aware of what's around you.

Where are your teammates?

Where is the ball?

Where are the opponents?

Learning to be aware of your surroundings will help you to make better decisions in pretty much every aspect of your gameplay.

This can be pretty hard to train, so I made this drill to help you out.

Once again, create a private match, make sure it's set to 3v3, and bot difficulty is set to All-Star.

Now all you're doing is driving around and try to look at your teammates. 

Don't worry about scoring goals or defending, all your doing is driving around and ALWAYS have eyes on your teammates. 

That means using your camera as well as turning ball-cam off and on.

You can do this drill as a warmup or whenever you're bored.


Tip #12: You don't have to commit


You don't have to commit to a ball just because you drove up to it.

If you start to challenge and you see the opponent is much closer to the ball than you, it's ok to turn back so you don't get beat to the ball.

I know sometimes it feels like you HAVE to go for it just because you drove up.

But it's ok to just turn back if it's a bad challenge.

You can even use the last drill to practice. Go into a game of bots, and practice driving up to the ball then turning back to defend.

This will get your brain comfortable with doing this in an actual match.


Tip #13: Don't compare your progress

Don't compare your progress to other people.

It doesn't matter if your friend is a Diamond even though he's been playing less time than you.

It doesn't matter that your Gold teammate can air dribble but you can't.

It doesn't matter what other players can do.

Everyone is different and some people will progress faster than you and some will progress slower.

What matters is how you improve compared to yourself.

Compare your progress to your own gameplay.

Are you getting better?

Are you getting worse?

Are you staying the same?

If you compare yourself to others, it'll be hard to be happy with your own progress.

Because there's always someone doing it better.

I know that might sound a little mean but that's just how life is. There's always a bigger fish.

If you really want to have fun and be happy improving at this game, remind yourself to compare your progress to yourself and not to other people.

Now go out there and start practicing!

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