50 Rocket League Tips ALL Players Need To Learn (BEGINNER to PRO)

rank up Dec 12, 2020


These 50 tips are applicable to pretty much every rank so as long as you're a human who plays Rocket League, these tips will help you rank up and improve your skill.

Alright, let's get into these tips.

Tip #1: Relax

If you take one piece of advice from this article, this is it.

You just need to f***ing relax!

When it gets chaotic and scary around your net, just sit back, watch the chaos, and I guarantee a good opportunity will present itself and you will get an easy clear.

Just relax.

Take a chill pill.

Roll a joint, I don't know do whatever it takes.

Tip #2: Change your camera settings

If you still have the default camera settings, change them. I recommend using these camera settings for most players under Champ.

Also turn off camera shake, please.

Tip #3: Use your boost

This one mainly applies to Silver, Bronze, and Gold players.

Don't be afraid to use your boost!

Boost make car go fast.

Car go fast = score goal.


Tip #4: Jump to steal boost

If two players go for a boost at the same time, you can jump to steal the boost from the other player.

This works on opponents and teammates.

Use it wisely.

Tip #5: Use sideflips for easy power

Using a side flip instead of a front flip when hitting a shot is an easy way to get a lot of power.

Just be careful not to completely whiff the ball.

You don't wanna do that.

Tip #6: Flip into an opponent to demo them even if you're not supersonic

If you are going fast, but not supersonic and bump into a player, they will not get demoed.

But if you flip into them, they will get demoed.

So if you were bullied in school and wanna become a Rocket League bully to compensate for your lack of self-worth, this'll make it easy for you.

Tip #7: Practice your half-flips

Spend at least 10 minutes every time you open up Rocket League doing half-flips in freeplay.

I promise you it's one of the best things you can do for your gameplay.

The more comfortable you are doing half-flips, the better your recovery and overall car control will be.

Trust me.

Tip #8: Tilt your car down when hitting shots in the air for more power

When going up for an aerial, it's common for lower-rank players to hit weak shots.

If you tilt your car down right before you hit the ball, you'll get a lot of power and pretty much fix this issue.

Tip #9: Warm up your hands before playing

Cold hands are TERRIBLE for gaming.

Imagine you're on a nice fall walk with your crush, you go to hold her hand, and it feels like a cold lifeless zombie.

You know what that means?

She's a bronze player.

If you don't wanna be a cold lifeless zombie stuck in bronze, just warm up your hands before you game.

You're welcome.

Tip #10: Do figure 8s at half court

A good rule of thumb when you see your teammate or teammates attacking is to do figure 8s at half court.

This allows you to quickly attack if there's an open ball, or quickly go back to defend if you need to.

Practice doing this in your next few games.

Tip #11: Have several lines of defense

A good defense in Rocket League will have several lines.

If you notice you are on the same line of defense as your teammate, play it safe and go behind them to be that second line.

There's pretty much never a reason to be on the same line of defense as one of your teammates.

So don't do it.

Tip #12: Practice your peripheral vision

Training your peripheral vision is a very important skill in pretty much every rank of Rocket League.

You can train this by moving your vision away from the center of the screen and looking at things to the right and left of your car.

Do this enough times in-game and you will start to notice things on the sides of your screen without having to move your eyes from the center.

Tip #13: Use free play OFTEN

Anytime you are not in a game, you should be in freeplay.

If you're searching for a match, don't just sit in the main menu and stuff your face with Doritos and Mountain Dew...

Go into freeplay and practice your mechanics!

Tip #14: Play 1s

I know, I know, I hate playing 1s too, but I'm telling you, play 1s for a week straight and you will notice a HUGE improvement in your gameplay.

Playing 1s is very hard, but a lot of times things that are very hard, give you the best outcomes.

I'm sure there's a sexual joke somewhere in there, but I'm not gonna make it.

Tip #15: Lower camera height and angle for easier gameplay

If you've never played with a low camera height and angle, you will be astonished, flabbergasted, bewhildered, at how easy Rocket League becomes.

Just don't go too low with this.

I recommend a height of 100, and a camera angle of -3.

Tip #16: Hit the ball in the lower half for more power and height

If you hit the ball in the lower half, you will get more power and height out of your shots.

That's it.

That's the tip.

Tip #17: Try hitting balls around your opponents if you see them attacking

Instead of constantly going for 50/50s, if you KNOW you will hit the ball first, try going to the side of the ball and hitting it around your opponents.

This works surprisingly well and is an easy way to get around them.

Tip #18: Train your side-to-side movements

Train your side-to-side movements in the air.

You can do this by watching this video where I talk more about this.

This will help a lot if you constantly miss aerials.

Tip #19: Don't make a play from under the ball

This mainly applies to players under Champ 3.

If you are directly under the ball, DON'T try to fly up and make a play.

You're much better off circling around to get a better angle before attacking.

Tip #20: Use the top corners of your car for more accurate and powerful shots

The two top corners of your car are a very easy way to get powerful and accurate shots almost every time.

Use these corners with a side flip or diagonal flip.

Tip #21: RELAX

Did you not hear me the first time??


There is no need to go for a ball just because it's open.

Your teammate is right next to it. He's still attacking. RELAX.

You don't need to fly in and hit it just because he messed up a bit. Take a chill pill.

Tip #22: Don't fix what's not broken

If you go for a dribble and easily flick it over your opponent, try it again.

If something is working for you and your team, keep doing it.

Did you score with a pass play? Try it again.

Did you score with a fast powershot? Go for more powershots.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Tip #23: Blame yourself for EVERYTHING

This one's hard if you constantly blame your teammates.

So pretty much every Rocket League player in existence.

You need to blame yourself for EVERYTHING.

Even if your teammate missed an easy save, blame yourself for putting them in that bad spot.

This will start to highlight your own mistakes and make it easier for you to fix them.

Tip #24: Try freestyling, it's fun

It's easy to get caught up in the competitive aspects of this game and always play seriously as if you're in RLCS.

But remember, video games are supposed to be fun.

And freestyling is one of the most fun things in Rocket League.

So try it. Why not.

Tip #25: Try freestyling with some friends

You can take freestyling up a notch by getting some friends and trying to hit cool pass plays in the air. This is a whole new level of fun and is something everybody should try.

Seriously it's a blast.

Tip #26: Learn how to change your pace

Once you start reaching some higher ranks, it's easy to get caught up in the "always play fast" mentality.

You can catch a lot of players off guard by becoming comfortable with switching up your pace.

If you can go from playing super-fast to taking it slow in a matter of seconds, you will get a lot of easy goals.

This is a big reason Champ 3 players struggle to reach Grand Champ.

Tip #27: Don't get scared of dribbles

We've all been there.

You're the last one back and your opponent is dribbling straight towards you.

I get it, it's scary, it's easy to freak out.

But truth is, if you're under Champ, most players are not good at dribbling.

I'd say like 90% of the time if you just wait and shadow defend, they will mess up the dribble by themselves without you having to do anything.

So don't get scared.

Tip #28: If you see a long clear, wait for the bounce.

Let's say your opponent hits a hard clear that crosses most of the map.

Instead of flying up to try and stop it in the air, it's much easier to wait until it's closer to the ground so you can catch it or hit it on the bounce.

Tip #29: Don't try to save your teammates

If you're watching this video, you're guilty of doing this.

Let's say your teammate is dribbling and messes up a flick.


I know there are good intentions behind it, but if you fly in trying to save your teammate, it's very possible you will get beat by an opponent or lose a 50/50 leaving your goal empty and ready to be scored on.

Tip #30: Learn to kill time

If you're the last player back, and your opponent is coming straight at you with a dribble or any sort of attack, you need to kill time for your teammates to come back and help.

Do NOT challenge right away.

Go for a fake challenge, shadow defend, wait, just do anything to kill as much time as possible for your teammates to get back and help.

Tip #31: Stop spinning

If you're a champ player that spins every time you aerial, stop it.

It's not helping you.

Tip #32: Use the roof of your car to hit very high angle shots.

When a ball is very high up and you need to hit a steep angle, using the roof of your car is a very easy and consistent way to score this type of goal.

Tip #33: Practice drills

Watch some YouTube videos about drills and practice them a lot.

They are very useful and help you to build muscle memory of mechanics which is very important in Rocket League.

Tip #34: Practice mechanics on repeat

If you want to practice half-flips, wave dashes, flip resets or any type of mechanic.

The best way to do this is is by doing it on repeat.

Do the move over and over again for hours and this will help build your muscle memory.

Tip #35: Play everyday

Playing everyday is super important for overall consistency.

Even if it's only for 5-10 minutes, play every day and you will start to be more consistent.

Tip #36: No boost is NOT the end of the world

Just because you don't have boost doesn't mean you have to ditch the whole play to go grab boost and come back.

You are more useful in the play with no boost, than out of the play with full boost.

Remember that.

Tip #37: If your teammate has a better shot or save, let them have it.

Put your ego aside, and let them take the shot.

If they have a better angle, there's no reason for you to also go for it.

Tip #38: If you're on PC, take advantage of workshop maps

PC players are blessed with the ability to play workshop maps.

Take advantage of it.

These can help you a ton with dribbling, car control, and so much more.







Tip #40: Hire a coach

Hiring a coach can help you to point out specific mistakes in your gameplay which can be really hard to do by yourself.

If you would like to hire me, click here to go to my coaching page. 

The first 10 people to use code "RELAX" will get 75% off.

That's right, 75% off.

I've never done this before so if you don't wanna miss out, click here and use code "RELAX" to get 75% off.

But this is only for the first 10 people, so be quick before they're all gone.

Tip #41: Watch pro players

Rocket League esports is not only super entertaining, but you can learn a lot by watching the best players in the world battle it out against each other.

You can also watch 1v1 matches between pros on youtube which is very helpful.

Tip #42: Watch YouTube videos

There is a whole goldmine of helpful YouTube videos out there if you want to rank up so take advantage of it!

Tip #43: Defend from inside of the net

You pretty much always want to defend from inside of the net instead of outside of the net.

This gives you more time to react for saves, helps maintain several lines of defense, and gives you more angles to save the ball.

Tip #44: Practice sideswipe shots for any easy way to score goals

A sideswipe uses your car's turning momentum and transfers it into the ball.

This gives you an extra amount of power and is how a lot of pros hit absolute boomers.

You can do this by turning into a ball and using a side flip.

Tip #45: Don't be afraid to "unchallenge" a ball

If you see your teammate being an idiot and go up for a ball that you are already up for, don't be afraid to unchallenge the ball.

Or if you go up for a ball and see your opponent is clearly going to beat you, you can do a backflip to unchallenge and save yourself from that bad commit.

Tip #46: Analyze your own replays

This is one of the best ways to improve your gameplay and is very helpful once you reach Champ and above.

You can even look at your opponent's perspective which can teach you a lot about how you play from their viewpoint.

Tip #47: Master hitting powershots

Getting very consistent at hitting fast and accurate powershots is much more useful than learning flip resets or some other fancy mechanic.

Powershots are useful all the way up to Supersonic Legend so getting very good at them will give you a pretty big advantage over everyone else.

Tip #48: Don't overwhelm yourself

I know this is a bit counterintuitive when I just gave you over 50 tips, but if you try to learn too much too fast, you will overwhelm yourself and learn very little.

So take your time, pace yourself, and try to learn a specific mechanic or technique one at a time.

Tip #49: Use your powerslide

Your powerslide button is EXTREMELY powerful. 

You should be using this button all the time. 

Tip #50: This game takes time

Don't beat yourself up too much if you suck at Rocket League.

This game takes thousands of hours to get good at and it's VERY hard.

Just remember to have fun, enjoy the gameplay at whatever rank you're at, and have a good time.

Because regardless if you're at the bottom or at the very top, this game is pretty much always fun, and a lot of it comes from getting better and seeing clear progression in your gameplay.

So don't take it too seriously.

Or take it extremely seriously if you wanna be the best of the best. It's up to you!

Now go out there, practice these tips, win some games or lose some games, and have fun!

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