5 Tips To Avoid Getting Scammed!

trading Jan 08, 2020

Hey everyone... Rocket League prices are all over the places nowadays, so how do you know if you're being scammed out of your item's full value?

Well, I've put together a list of a few things you absolutely need to know if you are just getting into the trading scene.

The first thing to know is to make sure you are checking usernames under the official Rocket League scammer list. This is a must if you are trading a valuable item since all high-value items are going to be targeted by scammers. Do this quick search to make sure you are not trading with a known scammer.

RLTracker.pro has done a great job of making it super easy to search for names through a scammer database. If you input the name of a scammer you will see previous reports as to why they are now on the scammer list.

Simply enter their username, gamertag, or steam id if you are on pc. If you don't know how to find a player's steam id, click here.

Junk Items Scam

This method of scamming is the one I personally have encountered the most. And it's likely you will see it too if you trade often.

It's an easy one to fall for if you aren't paying much attention or have some trust in the trader. That being said, don't let your guard down just because you're friends or have played with whoever you are trading with. Sometimes the ones you least expect will try and walk away with your precious heatwave.

This scam happens when the player will put up an item to trade, let's say a heatwave, then he will tell you in chat that he has several junk items he doesn't want anymore and will give to you at no extra charge. They will try to play it off as them feeling nice or being thankful, but don't let that fool you.

Once they have filled the trade menu with junk items, you will no longer be able to see the heatwave. Only junk items will be left and you need to make sure you scroll up and make sure they haven't removed that heatwave you wanted.

Here is a YouTube video showing someone falling for this scam.

You should also be somewhat familiar with Rocket League prices to know if he is putting in low-value items or simply offering more to trade.

Large Trades

When doing trades for more than 50 keys you must use a middleman. There should never be a circumstance where you trade for over 50 keys and don't use a middleman. There are countless stories of someone thought to be a friend walking away with 100 keys over some good 'ol white zombas. Don't be that person.

The best place to look for a middleman is by joining the Trade Central discord. From there you can simply call for a middleman and they will happily help you complete your trade.

If you have not yet joined the Trade Central discord, click here to join.

Rocket League Prices

Rocket League prices are constantly changing so it's important to familiarize yourself with prices of the items you are trading. Now, this doesn't mean you need to follow the prices exactly. You'll often find yourself trading for lower market value in exchange for an item you really want. And that's fine.

But, be sure to know the prices of different items so you are not being lowballed and taken advantage of. This happens a lot to newbie traders who trade very rare items for a low-cost item they want. Some might not see this as scamming but just because someone doesn't realize the value of an item they have doesn't mean you can take advantage of them.

Prices for these Rocket League items can go well into the hundreds so make sure you're not getting scammed.

There are a few websites you can use to check current market prices.

The best website for this, in my opinion, is RLTracker.pro/prices

You can easily go through all the items available for trade, change colors, and even see graphs for changes in the price over time.

So make sure you know those prices!

Painted Item Scam

In this scam, the player will put an item with a different painting than the one agreed upon. This will typically happen when trading for a titanium white wheel.

To avoid this scam, press the show details button in the trade menu or the left thumbstick on a controller to show the full details of the item you are trading. The player will put up a wheel that is actually grey instead of titanium white. Many grey wheels will actually look exactly the same as white in the trade menu, so be cautious.

That's why you need to click show details in order to confirm the wheel is actually white and not grey. Otherwise, you're losing out on several keys since the prices for grey wheels are usually much lower than titanium white.

This again is another reason to be familiar with Rocket League prices when trading often.

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Well, those are all the tips I have as of now so go out, be safe, and happy trading!



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