How To Rank Up In Season 13!

rank up Dec 15, 2019

So you wanna rank up in season 13 without pulling all your hair out and looking like Vin Diesel.

Well, I don’t know if that’s possible, because Psyonix just really likes to fuck with us every new season with a soft reset.

So throw away all your shampoo and conditioner, cuz you won’t need it anymore. 

But ask yourself this: 

What’s more important, hair or a high rank? 

Your hair won't give you champ rewards.

That's all I'm saying...

Alright, so how do you actually rank up in Season 13? 

Well, the main problem with ranking up in season 13 is that your teammates just seem to have the IQ level of a squirrel.

Well, don’t worry, I’m gonna show you what to do when you get paired with a terrible team.

But before I do, comment down below and let me know if you’ve ever dealt with squirrel teammates because I know I have.

So what do you do when your entire team consists of squirrels?

The main problem I see in every rank below champ 3 is not letting your teammates do what they gotta do. 

This includes you. 


I see this in almost every ranked game I play. 

I’ll be dribbling the ball or trying to make a play and I’ll slightly lose control of it or the defender stops me, and suddenly my teammate comes flying in trying to hit the ball. 

This often leads to a bad 50/50 and us getting scored on. 

While they have good intentions, you have to let your teammates do what they gotta do! 

That’s the motto for this whole video and ranking up in season 13. 


Instead of trying to save them just stay back and wait for the ball to come back to you or a clear opportunity to pop up where you can just take the ball. 

Ok, lets recap, how do you rank up in season 13?

By simply taking a deep breath, understanding that even if your teammates are squirrels, they still have the ability to score and make plays, so you just have to let them do what they gotta do.

You need to GIVE them enough space to do what they gotta do whether they succeed or fail.

Even if they messed up the last 10 possessions they’ve had, don’t try and save them, give them space to do what they gotta do. 

And that’s all it takes to rank up in season 13. 

Now go out there, be patient, and let your teammates do what they gotta do.

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