Why Is Rocket League So Addicting?

game info Jan 08, 2020

Picture this scenario:

Its 10 minutes before midnight and you're on a hot streak winning every game of ranked with you and your buddies.

Then it hits you,


It's not something you wanted to think about but here it is creeping into your mind the later it gets...

So what's your solution?

That's right.

Keep playing until 2 AM!

There's something so incredibly satisfying about being in the zone and winning almost every game you play.

This feeling is something I only feel while playing Rocket League.

It is by far the game I have the most fun in and is the most addicting.

There's just one question I found myself asking recently.


I think this has to do with several factors that all add up to make the most addicting game I have ever played.

I've thought about this a lot recently and I've come up with 3 main reasons I believe Rocket League is so addicting.


I believe this is a big reason why the game is so appealing and exciting to our brain.

And that's because the colors and designs are all very cartoonish, vibrant, and colorful.

It's very simple for our brains to understand the design, and the vibrant and simple colors spark the pleasure centers in our brains making everything we do in-game very exciting and pleasurable.

It's a big reason games such as Fortnite are as popular as they are because it's very simple and colorful which triggers something in our brain to instantly find the content more enjoyable than others.

This design choice makes it especially appealing to children since they are even more influenced by all the vibrant colors and toy-like design of the cars.

Because of this same reason, a lot of adults find themselves just as addicted to this game because of the ability to target our inner child and give us such a great feeling driving around and customizing our little Octane just how we like it.


Very few games are able to give such an intense feeling of competition like Rocket League does.

The sweaty hands.

The adrenaline rush of a close game.

The intense surge of happiness when you win.

Very few games can pull this off and Rocket League does a fantastic job.

The only game I can think of that gives me a similar feeling is Fortnite.

A big part of this is having a simple concept of winning.

In Rocket League you simply need to score the most goals.

In Fortnite you simply need to stay alive.

By having a very simple task to win it triggers something primal in our brain that gives us a huge surge of adrenaline when it starts to get intense.

You could be in a simple warm-up game against some randoms but you still want to win and beat your opponents.

Every single game feels competitive. 

And because of this, every game is extremely fun and exciting.

And that makes the perfect recipe for an addicting game.

But there's still one more big reason this game is so damn addicting.


It never ends.

It literally never ends.

You can play this game for over 10,000 hours and you still won't reach a skill ceiling.

That's something very very few games can accomplish and Rocket League has done just that.

Many games try to do this through very long progressions that you have to grind out to reach the end.

Rocket League does this as well through rank progressions, but what many games can't do is pull off a personal progression.

Every game makes you want to get better and better.

I reached the level cap and max rank in Rocket League a long time ago but I still strive to get better every single game and I'm still far from any type of skill ceiling that doesn't even exist.

That's the reason I keep coming back to this game.

Because I want to get better and I want to be good at this game.

The better you are, the more games you'll win, and the more games you win, the more fun you'll have.

That's exactly why I've created an exclusive email list for people wanting to receive tips on ranking up.

In this mailing list, I share with you the exact techniques and tricks I personally used to solo queue all the way to Grand Champ.

If you are interested sign up below!

Anyways, I'd love to hear your thoughts on this and what makes Rocket League so addicting for you, just comment down below!

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